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Shetland Lambs

Shetlands are colorful little "lawnmowers" (fertilizer thrown in for free) easy keepers, and overall hardy small sheep with excellent wool that is light in lanolin and a favorite of hand spinners all over the world--in fact, many spinners have Shetland Wethers in their flocks just for their fleeces.  Shetlands are a great livestock for beginners and seasoned livestock owners alike.

Our flock is Registered and in excellent good health. Because Shetlands are considered a primitive breed, they are generally resistant to foot rot and other problems common to many other sheep breeds.  Call for an appointment to visit the farm and see these darling little sheep up close and personal.  (419) 938-3475 or email us at:  info@amazinggracefarms.com



Dixie and Cedric's Ewe lamb





Dixie and Cedric's Ram Lamb







Apphia, Jessica and Phillip's Ewe lamb








Cassie and Phillip's Ram lamb 








Elaine and Cedric's Ram lamb







Hope and Cedric's Ewe and Ram Lambs








Eve and Cedric's Twin Ewe Lambs









Kassey and Cedric's Twin Ram Lamb








April and Phillip's Twin Ram Lambs








Esther and Cedric's Twin Lambs.  Ewe Lamb on left, Ram Lamb on right







Evie and Cedric's Ram Lamb






Spirit and Cedric's Ewe Lamb








Hannah and Cedric's Ram Lamb on the right






 Joann and Cedric's Ewe Lamb, Rachel







Mercy and Cedric's Twin Spotted Ram Lambs as newborns and at 2 months of age




1081 and Cedric's  Spotted Ram Lamb






 Bethany and Cedric's Twin  Ewe Lambs








Julie and Cedric's Ram Lamb











Elizabeth and Cedric's  Ewe and Ram lambs



 Sarah and Cedric's Ram Lamb as a newborn









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